Playing is the basis of our teaching and learning proposals always with a pedagogical intention derived from the contents which would become significant learning to be used in all circumstances.

While playing, all physical, mental, affective and social skills necessary for a healthy and balanced growth are developed. Play arises curiosity which is the engine to real learning.

We work on the different disciplines: Maths, Language, Literature, Science and Social studies inquiry, Music, Art, Body Expression, Computer Studies and Physical Education through a transdisciplinary approach.

In our daily work, a true calling for teaching is observed channeled in a permanent professional growth to offer our students the best proposals fostering their full development in a safe and stimulating environment.


Day in day out, children strengthen their communication in their native language and, while doing so, there is a natural acquisition of English, as a second language, through games, storytelling, dramatizations and songs, not paying attention to mistakes or the finding of the exact words.

As from K2, our children work with a team of teachers acting jointly in Spanish and English with the aim to let the students incorporate the language, giving them tools to think and spontaneously express in the new Language.

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