06/09/2019 - Institutional

Annual Blood Donation Campaign

For the third year running the Blood Donation Campaign Day took place at WS for the children treated at the Garrahan Hospital.

We are extremely happy and thankful for the number of assistants to this event in 2019. Year in, year out the number of donors increases significantly.

We would like to specially thank and acknowledge the professionals from Garrahan Hospital and Federico Orbuch, for his professionalism and warm welcoming. The task all of them carry out is huge in importance and done with loving kindness.
There is no need to recall the past to speak about heroes. Heroes are those who day after day defend life, are caring, altruistic and risk takers. Their actions are the expression to those values.

When school, families and the community work jointly, great actions are done and results achieved!

On behalf of the little patients at Garrahan, we just say THANK YOU!