Primary - Washington School
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Students work on a transdisciplinary Programme based on Units of Inquiry. Disciplines, such as, Language, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, TICS, Technology, Physical Education are considered tools to acquire concepts and knowledge, transcending their original limits.

In our Primary School, students are main protagonists of their learning process. Our aim is that they gain the necessary skills to learn.

In an ongoing changing world, we seek for processes fostering curiosity and inquiry, helping them develop a progressive autonomy and self-esteem to face the inevitable obstacles which they might come across when learning.


We work towards bilingualism while learning from real situations through dialogues, narrations, stories, videos, media, songs, extensive and intensive reading and debates.

The acquisition of content is carried out in both languages (English and Spanish) put into practice while looking for information.

The bilingual proposal focuses on social, inquiry, communication, thinking and self-management skills.