Creativity, Action and Service

The main objective of the area is the development of a collaborative and caring attitude in our students participating in solidarity campaigns and events. These experiences let them value social diversity, acknowledging the impact their actions can cause and being conscious of the historical period they are living in. The GRUPO SOL, formed by parents from our community, voluntarily works throughout the year supporting the idea of helping others.

In 2016, APAER (Asociación padrinos de escuelas rurales) has appointed WS as caretaker of two new schools, strengthening our bond with School “Maestro Honorio Galván” in the province of Santiago del Estero.

Many organizations contact WS so as to express their needs in order to receive help from our community.

Students participate in advertising, collecting, organizing and classifying donations received for all the organizations mentioned.

Road Safety Awareness Programme

The WS “Road Safety Awareness Programme” directed to the organization of the school entrances and exits is specially oriented to students with the aim to create –since early stages- awareness as responsible future citizens. These measures aim to guarantee -to the maximum- our children’s safety; to facilitate and hasten parents´ task so as to achieve a better organization and allow our neighbours come and go with ease.

Thank to the effort of the whole WS community, the Programme has been praised by Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations and other schools as well.


“BUENOS VECINOS” Award given by the CGP (Communal Office, City of Buenos Aires) No14

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