Thank you for your interest in Washington School

Admission Process

Families interested in coming to School and meet us should ask for a personal appointment, filling in the corresponding online form. It is essential to complete that Form before starting the Admission Process.

Once received, the Admission’s’ Office will contact you via e-mail so as to agree on a date to have the interview.

The vacancies are limited so the applications can be considered in a waiting list.

Note: The participation in the Admission process does not guarantee the applicant’s entry. That will depend on the availability of vacancies, the results of the evaluations and the family identification with the values of the institution. To start the process of admission implies the acceptance of the terms of admission.

Requested documentation

  • Complete and signed form of application.
  • Introductory letter of the family.
  • Certified photocopy of birth certificate.
  • Vaccination certificate.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Report from the outgoing school.
  • Free debt certificate from the previous school.
  • Complete school file (copy of the previous courses reports).
  • Report card or degree certificate. (Primary and Secondary level)
  • Folders, workbooks or copybooks of last grade/year approved.

Requirements for foreign students

  • Certificate of the last year approved issued by the school where the student comes from.
  • Formal letter of the school stating that the student has approved this school year.

These documents must be signed and sealed by: a-School authorities / b-Official education authorities: Ministry, Secretariat, Supervision/monitoring zone, etc. / c-Argentine Consulate in the country where they come from.

Every foreign written school documentation shall be translated in our country by a National Public Translator and legalized by the corresponding Translators College. Except Brazil for being a part of MERCOSUR.

The General Supervision of Private Education (Dirección General de Educación de Gestión Privada) will decide on the validity and conditions of the foreign certificates of studies and will determine the equivalences to sit for so as to match the national system, if necessary.

Departamento de Admisión

Lucila Garraffo
4772-8131 int 201.